Galen Stone Served As A Program Director And Care Manager At Brockton Area Multi-Services Inc

Galen Stone has worked as a Program Director and Care Manager of CFFC program at Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc., here he developed and held multiple roles in pilot program for the State. This program was created by MBHP (Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnerships) as a response to law suits initiated by parents due to their children receiving inadequate services through State run programs.

Galen Stone also worked closely with school adjustment and guidance counselors, therapeutic support staff, teachers and principals at Brockton High School and all Brockton Junior High and Elementary Schools. He was responsible for conducting psycho-social, At-Risk, CAFAS, CCAAP, Substance Abuse and additional assessments to be provided to UMASS Medical School with necessary data for research study assessment of program.

About Galen Stone

Galen Stone is a professional who has served different positions with the best of his skills and expertise. At present, he is working as a caregiver with two elderly gentleman in Marion, MA on a private contract basis. He has been nominated several times for outstanding outreach worker for DYS and received a Deveraux award once. He has done his BA from the College of Wooster in Social Welfare in 1978. After that, in the urge to learn more, he pursued his Masters in Social Works from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work from 1982–85. Owing to his skills and dedication, he has also received many awards and honors for his outstanding work. He is a lacrosse coach and former secondary, college, club, and semi-pro lacrosse player. When he was in college, he also played varsity soccer. Other than sports, some of the activities Galen likes to indulge in during his free time are fishing, scuba diving, etc. Apart from these activities, he enjoys singing, dancing, and traveling to different places around the world.