Mobile Health Support and Tracking Technology Combined with Mail-In Research Sample Collection Create Unprecedented Digital, Clinical and Biological Data Streams for Better Diagnostics and Therapeutics Development

By the Gali Health Precision Medicine Team

Precision medicine — a way to personalize treatment using a patient’s unique biology — has made tremendous progress in oncology: a molecular test often helps to predict how cancer will develop and select targeted treatment regimens for cancer patients. If the same could be done for some 10 million people in the world who live with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD, composed primarily of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and indeterminate colitis), their quality of care would be greatly improved.

Learning from advances in personalized medicine approaches in oncology, Gali Health is working on identifying…

By Ilya Kupershmidt, Founder and CEO, Gali Health

Why AI is poised to help patient communities move beyond forum-like engagement toward actionable collective intelligence and new, personalized therapies

Most of us long to belong and feel supported in the face of social, economic and health-related challenges. Ever more people across the world are joining interest-based digital communities, like those focused on parenting and lifestyle, travel and health, technology and local neighborhoods, just to name a few.

As the novelty of general social media feeds wears off, they give way to specialized platforms such as Telegram, Winnie and NextDoor, and in…

By Kayla Kraich, director of clinical programs at Gali Health and Jenna Ziegler, author of The Comical Colon blog

Involving patients in every stage of design and development could help e-health products to succeed

Advanced technological solutions can empower people with chronic conditions to thrive. Today, illness management largely falls on the patient, and without proper tools to empower people to actively participate in their care many are left vulnerable to treatment non-adherence, disease progression and psychological burden.¹ In their ongoing quest to simplify everyday management between distant doctor appointments, ever more people turn to technology for education, actionable insights and connections to the patient community.

These advanced technological solutions, however, need continuous patient input…

Arielle Radin, Director of Clinical Research at Gali Health

One of the worst aspects of having a chronic illness is the “chronic” part. When so much of our time and energy is spent dealing with an illness every day, it can feel as if our chronic condition begins to define us. But the last thing we want is to become our diagnosis and forget about all the other things that make us who we are, beyond being a “patient” or “disabled.”

Naturally, it’s tempting to want to escape reality and pretend like our illness doesn’t exist, especially when we are…

Meredith Mangold, Lead Patient Advocate at Gali Health

I’m an optimist and a hat person. For the past eight years I’ve been changing my “professional hats” multiple times a day, going from full-time pro-bono doctor, nurse and pharmacist to insurance agent and finance manager while still attempting to be a semi-functioning career woman, daughter, student, friend and now wife in her 20s. It’s what you “sign up for” when you do not sign up for life with a chronic illness.

Meredith Mangold, Lead Patient Advocate at Gali Health

Whatever your diagnosis may be — I now have several, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) along with severe chronic pain…

It is our hope that healthcare of the future will be all about new technology empowering patients. Complex and slow moving as the healthcare industry may be, it is still bound to adapt to changes, one of the most promising being patient-centered care and personalized medicine. So what will healthcare look like in the nearest future? We’ve done some research on the current trends for you to consider. Note that the points in the original graphic are clickable, so download the PDF if you want to check out the sources. Please let us know what you think!

Download the original PDF here.

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Ilya Kupershmidt

Hello, my name is Ilya and as the founder and CEO of Gali Health, I’d like to tell you a bit about why I came up with Gali. A little background on me: my professional life has been all about helping research scientists and doctors make sense of massive amounts of complex medical data. At NextBio, the company I co-founded and sold to the DNA sequencing pioneer Illumina, we created a way for the biomedical community to connect and mine genetic and clinical data from millions of patients worldwide. It allowed clinicians and researchers to explore this giant collection of…

Gali Health

Advancing precision medicine through the Gali digital health platform and DNA sequencing tech by creating personalized solutions for chronic disease communities

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