Give your students a Quip

We all love Google Docs for teaching. But here are some reasons why you should also consider Quip for your teaching:

  • Half text editor/half chat app. Beautiful combined
  • Write together on the same document at the same time (docs and spreadsheets). Yes, just like Google Docs.
  • Collaboration in each document is more than comments. It’s a conversation. In Quip, you get a full chat experience within each document.
  • Mentions is not a small feature. It makes collaboration faster and more focused. You can mention people, documents and more everywhere in the documents and chats.
  • Great updates on new edits. This will give you great insights into progress.
  • Create Chat Rooms. Create them for topics, groups work, classes etc. You can even add a few integrations such an email, Twitter, IFTTT, Dropbox etc.
  • Desktop apps for Mac and PC. Smartphone and tablet apps are great which Quip offers. But for writing there is nothing that beats a good desktop experience.
  • Import and export Microsoft Word and Excel files. Still the standard so very nice feature.
  • Folders work like tags. This means that the same document can be added to several folders. No copying. This is great!
  • Free:)

Have a nice day!

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