Why I love Dropbox Paper?
Vasyl Slobodian

I’m so with you. I really like Paper and would just add a few likes to your list:

  • Hashtags; you add hashtags anywhere in your doc. Which is very nice compared to “just” having tags attached to the docs. It makes the tag more contextual.
  • Mentions; This is so great for collaborations. The ability to mentions inline in the docs is such a boost for cowriting and feedback.
  • Rich Media Embed; Just like when writing on Medium you can embed video, photos, tweets, vines, soundcloud, whatever just by pasting the link into the docs. (this should be a standard in all editors today)
  • Markdown shortcuts; you can create a headline just by writing # + space before your headline. # for h1, ## for h2, ### for h3,
  • Paste to insert link; no more ⌘K. You can insert a link just by selecting the text and tap the paste shortcut. A small but really nice feature.

I looking forward to an iOS app. When Paper is all out in the wild — I’m in!

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