Discord Sponsored: GameChanger Charity Challenge

This year we are challenging every gaming community we can to help 10 children by raising $250 and individuals across the internet to help 4 children by raising $100 by the end of the year this holiday season.

For only $25, GameChanger can help ease the pain and suffering of a child battling a life-threatening illness this holiday season with a gift bag of video games and technology.

How many children’s holiday can we make better this holiday season if we band together?

  • The contest starts October 1st 12AM Central and runs through December 31st 11:59PM Central. You can participate the whole time or even just part of the time.
  • All proceeds will go to GameChanger charity through campaigns created under the Tiltify campaign.
  • Any community/organization or individual can participate.
  • The organization/community that raises the most (over $250) will be gifted 75 various game keys and a Discord swag pack for your community!
  • The individual that raises the most (over $100) will be gifted 25 various game keys and a Discord swag pack for you!
  • Sign up here! Click “New Supporting Campaign”

Communities participating:

More details soon!

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