Hear ye, Hear ye— Be a knight in shining armor this holiday season!

Knights, Squires, Blacksmiths, Apprentices, lend me your ears! It’s your friendly neighborhood AnthroMetal and I’m here to talk about what Gallant Gamers has in store for the last quarter of 2017!

First, just in case you missed out, we have moved over to a quarterly model for fundraising. This means we’ll be able to dedicate more time to 4 select charities over the course of a year. With that said, the charity for fourth quarter of this year is GameChanger!

GameChanger is one of our friends we’ve worked with in the past and their mission is straight up awesome. One of their programs features a gift bag of techology and games provided to children with a life threatening illness or condition.

That gift bag?

$25 (donate)

That’s it.

That’s less than HALF of a what a full retail game costs these days ($60).

Our goal for this last quarter is to raise enough to provide these gifts to 100 kids, but with everyone’s help and participation, we can help GameChanger provide to many beyond this goal.

Even if you can’t donate, simply telling everyone about our goal and who we are supporting does wonders for bringing attention to the charity.

Let’s be GameChangers to close out the year and help brighten a child’s day this holiday season.

So the next question is, “When’s our marathon, and what will it be?” and let me tell you, it’s a special one. From November 19th through the 23rd, we will be streaming nonstop *drum roll* SONIC GAMES! So calling all speedrunners, sonic aficionados, platformer fanatics; this will be the event of the year for you! We’ve been compiling a list of every sonic game ever for this event, so the variety will be UNMATCHED. I’m stoked. [SIGN UP]

That’s gonna do it for the blog for now. Keep up the good fight all.

And as always

Keep your swords sharp Gallant Gamers. People need our help.

❤ AnthroMetal, Twitch Team Director

P.S. Keep on the lookout for a big announcement coming soon. Let’s just say there’s some cool happenings we’re working on for everyone.