Don’t ask me why I’m treating you cold, I’m not. I just quit trying and expecting. I’m just tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed.

I remember…

Everytime I say I love you… I try so much more than these three little words. I am trying to remind you that you are my most adorable darling. I am trying to let you know that I cannot survive a single day without you. Each time I say I love you… I want to make you feel. the you are the most special person in my life.

But… You ruin everything..

I tried my best to show you how much I love you but I failed… I’m not going to stress over you anymore because I’m tired of chasing you. I am tired of waiting, tired of trying and tired of crying… I have to finally quit being the only one trying to fix everything between us because I don’t see any efforts from your side.

I am done… I am done with you. I am done with your excuses, your lies and your broken promises… You have broken my heart which is now fighting to stay alive and I cannot let it die. I have to overcome this pain because it’s unbearable and I am getting emotionally worked up. I just cannot go back in time and undo anything but I think it’s time to wipe my tears and move on. I have to move on to stay alive…

I have to move on.. to stay alive.