Entry 1: Week 2: Highschool; noseblooding lol

I will always remember my years of highschool. All the people I met, the moment I lived, and the classmates I have loved during this time have been and will be some of the best memories in my life.

My first year of high school was one of the best but at the same time one of my so hardest year. I remember when I failed my math subject and I feel so sad and embarrassed for myself. But HIM said to me that I can do it! No matter what happens. Thanks to HIM, I started to appreciate what I had. Don’t be nervous. Just be yourself.

My second year and third year was filled with real preoccupations, friends, and all the typical teenage stuff. They are days that we’re crying because of project and other school works. But atleast we enjoy our year because we have learn to be an independent student.

Now that I’m starting my last year of high school, which I have been waiting for, I feel sad about the end that’s coming but excited about new beginning ahead of it. We started high school being a group of 42 I think and now we are thirty-eight.

Throughout out time, many have left and many others have arrived, and even though we are not together in school anymore, we continue hang the big family we have always been. These are the people, memories, and feelings that I will always remember and I will carry with me wherever I go.
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