Welcome to the second episode of our look at the top 10 Crypto Influencer tweets after the first series debuted last week.

This is one approach to call your attention to crucial tweets that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. They serve as a sort of time capsule for the future, or possibly an update for those who work away from the industry’s heartbeat. Follow us on Twitter and be updated on each new series.

1] NFT Chaos

“You can make a thousand excuses, but you only live one life. Don’t let your excuses be the one thing that stops you from living your best life”


While excuses might be pleasant and provide an easy way out of difficult situations, they can also lead to long-term consequences such as decreased productivity, and procrastination. What excuse is currently preventing you from making an investment decision?

2] Steve

“Investing is gambling”. With gambling, your odds are not good. Investments, however, have a clear and direct history of making a LOT of people filthy rich.

Not your salary, Not your savings, Not your upbringing.

…But your investments.


The goal is to dispel the myth that “investment means gambling.” An investment should be based on a clear understanding of what you own and what you want to build.

3] Ellio Trades

“Crypto is the only logical way for our generation to build wealth. Volatility is the cost for freedom”


We’ve yearned for freedom for years, and there finally appears to be a light in the tunnel. Volatility, on the other hand, is unavoidable since it allows for higher returns.

4] Grant Yun

“If you have ever seen digital art displayed at a museum or gallery, especially on a very large display you know how powerful the presence of digital art can be. This is what NFTs will bring to art and society”


NFTs make digital arts just more powerful. Learn how to own full digital rights with Gallerist here.

5] King Crypto

You are your wisest investment. So bet on yourself.


This is true because if you don’t invest in yourself and in learning, you may be unaware of the financial investments that will pay off in the long run.

6] Crypto Prestige

“Every legit project should have no problem Auditing their contract and KYC’in the team! This doesn’t guarantee things 100% but it goes a long way in helping!”


Watch out for red flags before committing to a project.

7] Mr Brown

The people that rubbed it in our face that NFTs are just jpegs anyone can download missed the biggest investment of the year because they were close-minded :)


NFTs are a store of value. An appreciation for one-of-a-kindness, if you’ll agree, you are an NFT too ;) Beyond the hype, some of the NFT digital Assets include certificates, land titles, arts, collectables, tickets, research works, and the list goes on. The current use cases are only the beginning.

8] Crypto Diamond

“Do not animate your NFTs through third party websites even if its Twitter account is verified. Your wallet could be compromised.”


The trend of verified accounts getting involved in scams is on the rise. It is critical to maintain a high level of security awareness.

9] Lucrafund

“NFT collectors are trying to see something. Show them.”


While some argue that NFTs kill creativity, I believe that they provide a springboard for more creativity and the flexibility to produce as much as possible and share it with a large audience.

10] Cool Times

“Why buy a ticket to a single-use concert/festival when you can buy an NFT that’s not only a lifetime access to pass to their events but also an investment?”


This is some fuel for thinking. Would you rather buy a one-time ticket or invest in a resaleable lifetime NFT ticket?

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