What is Gallerist? Our Plans for 2022

Gallerist helps you Create Digital Versions of your Physical Art, with Full Ownership and Legal Rights.

The sensation of being swept off one’s feet isn’t exclusive to brides; NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have just this same effect on us. It has been a buzz word since 2020, despite the fact that it is still a relatively new concept and many people are still trying to understand the fundamental elements.

As absurd as it may seem that a lot of money is spent on pictures of rocks and bread crumbs, NFTs are exploding with extraordinary valuations, and artists, in particular, are employing this technology to safeguard the ownership of their assets.

Gallerist token was born with the goal of enabling every artist, art gallerist, museum or art collector to create original and certified NFTs with their owned artworks.

Gallerist Brings the Dream of Every NFT Collector to Life

Gallerist is a project founded by art enthusiasts and specialists from around the world. It all began with a dream: «What if Picasso, Dali, Basquiat, and many other great artworks could be lawfully purchased as Legit NFTs and owned in the metaverse, per example?»

We knew from this dream that it would be a tough call, since it would require the trust of the actual owners of the physical artworks in order for the community to be granted full validity of these NFTs.

We set out with three objectives in mind at this stage:

  • To turn tangible art pieces into NFTs
  • Grant collectors legal identity and full rights ownership of these NFTs with a technological innovation backed by the blockchain technology
  • Create a secure portal for these NFTs to be sold externally or in our own platform.

With eyes set on the ball, we slowly opened the projects as a service for any artist, physical art owner, galleries or museums to work with us and our innovations. As a result, our business model and guarantees have been streamlined to allow every art owner to CREATE, OWN, SELL OR BUY full digital rights to physical artworks.

Feats to knock out in 2022:

1- Sell an array of official Picasso NFTs:

As art is a unique asset, the goal is not just to sell these pieces of art but we want to earn our clients’ trust as well as offer them with satisfaction by assisting them in achieving their short- and long-term financial goals while also offering The NFT Community the unique opportunity to own a piece of the world’s most renowned artists and artworks.

2- Give 70% of total revenues to Gallerist token holders:

Our business model is not based on community cash but on the commercialization of our services. For the first year, Gallerist will give back 70% of total revenues to its earliest investors.

3- To develop an inclusive team:

We are looking to hire the most brilliant people regardless of their gender, sexual orientations, origins, or religion, especially women because they are underrepresented in web3, which is a huge mistake.

4- Create a foundation that is run by token holders, not just co-founders:

The goal is to create a community-based corporation whose objective is to manage, invest, and save money in order to expand and improve the project.

5- Create a certificate and legal contract to ensure that the NFT version of each physical artwork is legitimate:

Our legal and technological innovation will provide a blockchain certificate that verifies and validate the digital artwork’s sole ownership.

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