An ocean of advancements, drama, price swings, and invention will never stop happening in the cryptocurrency space. Twitter, as in previous years, is right in the thick of things, with people and companies publishing all kinds of industry-related information.

Here are 10 tweets from Crypto Influencers that will get you thinking. They provide a view into a time capsule of sorts for the future, or perhaps an update for those who work away from the heartbeat of the industry.

1] Will Oremus
“As someone who has been through an editorial buyout at a tech/media startup, my advice to those unsure whether to take it is: Take it. Take it if you can afford to. It’s nice that it’s voluntary, but it’s a clear signal that the work you do is no longer work they truly value.”

A gentle admonition to not wait until it is comfortable enough to begin; instead, get started right now.

2] Brett King
“Does the economy meet the needs of most citizens? Unequivocally, no. In order to fix this, we don't necessarily need to abolish capitalism, but sweeping economic reform needs to happen.”

This is what sparked the bitcoin revolution, which transformed the paradigm to where we are now: decentralization.

3] Crypto Coach
“Why is it hard to sell on the way up but easier to sell on the way down? BTC at 65k, “nah it’s going to 100k, doesn’t take profit.” BTC drops to 33k, “wow it’s going to 10k, so let me sell what’s left.”

This is food for thought.

4] OhhShiny
“There has never been a technology that threatens the lives of so many industries and is peacefully and quietly adopted. The more powerful the hate for NFTs get, the more I realize how much they will change the world.”

The NFT is a game-changer. Beyond the hubbub, it procures a sense of ownership to creators, a store of worth, and an appreciation for originality.

5] Roger Ver
“Taxes make more war possible. War makes more taxes possible. P2P electronic cash hinders both.”

It takes peers to make friends. Why do we need conflict when we can conduct business in an orderly and open manner without pointing accusing fingers?

6] Andreas
“What is the essence of #bitcoin? It’s not #blockchain. It's the ability to operate in a decentralized way without having to trust anyone. To be able to use software to authoritatively and independently verify everything yourself without appeal to authority.”

Can you strike a chord with this?

7] Erik Voorhees
Observing a project and assuming it's a Ponzi is as intellectually vapid as observing a Ponzi and assuming it's a legitimate project. Go deeper people.

Don't just believe the hype; investigate the problem that a project is attempting to solve. People are looking for long-term value.

8] Dan Held
Bitcoin is a declaration of monetary independence.

It is what it is #throwshandsup

9] Dr. Julian Hosp
Excuses or Results. Never both.

Build, build, and build some more. Blockchain technology provides you with all of the tools you'll need to get those results out.

10] Loopify
NFTs are the next stage for all virtual items. Real ownership of items is inevitable as the world becomes increasingly digital and the new generations are brought up tech-savvy.

NFTs aren’t going anywhere. You can use them to store the value of your tangible assets. See how

Which of these stood out for you? Let us know on Twitter.



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