Divine Appointment

Encouragement for Christian Photographers

It has been nearly a year since encouragement came to me by Divine Appointment to press onward with nature and wildlife photography as art.

This true story is intended to inspire all of us who love the Lord and who love all forms of photography.

It was Flag Day 2013 and I had a few errands to run in town before I set out to take more Nature and Wildlife photos for my website. This whole photography business had me in quite a whirwind because up until three months prior I was a successful portrait photographer working for a well established company who had been in business over 60 years. Overnight everything changed when this company went out of business and I no longer had a job. What now?? This was the question I ask myself. I can’t give up what I love. I can’t give up photography. Okay, let’s think this through. I took all my savings to buy a camera, business cards, website domain, reference books, editing software and studied other photographer’s work that I saw online. I got a sales tax id and registered with the IRS so I would be legal. Did I miss anything? No because the very first thing I did was prayed and ask the Lord to help me and to guide me along the way.

My geographic location was not good for opening yet one more portrait studio because there were so many that I’d just get lost in the shuffle. But, because I live in a very beautiful area with more wildlife than people I decided I’d photograph the best nature and wildlife images possible and sell them as art. Thus my journey began. I hit the floor running each day with a prayer and bible devotions before heading out the door to take photographs.

My life consists of either taking images or editing images or posting images. Soon the weather reports became extremely important because I would plan my photo shoots based on the weather conditions. I had to think like a hunter when I went into the forest or meadow for a photo shoot. I’d pray for God to send me the animals to photograph and then wait. Some days I’d get amazing images and other days I’d get a sunrise or sunset instead of wildlife images. Either way I was very happy to be doing what I love and allowing God to show me the beauty of His creation as I captured amazing nature and wildlife images.

About one month into this my family and friends told me to get a real job. They said photography is a nice hobby but it isn’t paying any bills for you. They were right but I told myself if others could be successful nature and wildlife photographers then so could I. I just needed a sign from the Lord and a little encouragement to keep going forward.

Back to that beautiful and bright sunny day, June 14, 2013, FLAG DAY. I was running some errands in town before heading out to take photos. My camera went everywhere with me. I didn’t want to miss a photo opportunity. And then I saw the most amazing site. On FLAG DAY I saw a man riding a bicycle in town with all his gear strapped to his bike and a huge American Flag flying behind his bike. WOW, how cool is this and on FLAG DAY of all things. I rolled down my car window and yelled as loud as I could as he passed by going the opposite direction, “Can I take your picture?” He looked over and nodded yes! I had to turn my car around at the next intersection as he was pulled over waiting for me to catch up.

I introduced myself and told him I was a photographer and ask if I could please take his picture. He smiled and told me I was the third person who had ask him that question. He was from Flint, Michigan and was riding all the way to somewhere in Georgia to visit his son. We went to the first side street where traffic was not as heavy and I began the photo shoot. It isn’t everyday you see a bicyclist with a huge American Flag behind his bike and there I was capturing it all with my camera.

Afterward I told this man about loosing my job and trying my best to start my own photography business. I showed him some of the images I had on my camera and told him I was determined to be successful. All of a sudden his expression changed and he looked me right in the eye and said this, “You will remember this day and you will remember what I’m saying to you. Something BIG is going to happen with your photography and you won’t have any problem making your car payment or paying your bills” I was dumbfounded by his statement!! I ask him “Are you a born again Christian?” He smiled real big and said to me “Absolutely!” At that point I knew this was a Divine Appointment and the Lord had put this man in my path to encourage me! I think about this Divine Appointment every single day and hang on to those words! Something BIG is going to happen with my photography!

God promises to give us the desires of our heart. God can open doors for us! So what happened? What was the BIG thing that happened with my photography? I had an exhibit at an art gallery, three different cabin rentals have my photography displayed in their lobbies, I now have three websites and a business Facebook page and just this past Sunday I visited a church 50 miles away because the Lord told me to go there. A lady came up to me, prayed with me and told me God was going to bless my business and give me the desires of my heart! WOW, a second Divine Appointment!

I walk by FAITH not by SIGHT. What ever the BIG thing is that is going to happen is coming soon. I just know it! I can feel it! I believe it!

God’s timing is everything! He is never early. He is never late. He is always right on time! I believe with all my heart that God is and will BLESS my photography and something BIG is about to happen with my Nature and Wildlife Photography. With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

written by

Lorna Rogers, Nature and Wildlife Photographer

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