Still struggling to write better blog posts? Read this

Admit it.

You’re no better at the craft.

You’re like “What’s happening?”


You’ve read a lot. And you’ve written more posts than ever.

Yet, you’re heartbroken.

Thank goodness, you aren’t paralyzed.

You still have a chance; because I have these 100% actionable tips to help you breeze through.

1. Recognize your assignment

We’re here on earth for a purpose.

I believe we’re assigned to help each other. Created to solve someone’s problem.

Our assignment is not to look for money.

And that’s the only reason why most bloggers aren’t making money with their blogs — they’re not solving a problem.

Great men are known by their gifts and the things they’ve created

Want to know your assignment?


First, ask yourself:

“What do I invest most of my time in?”

Your answer becomes a clue.

It’s obvious; you become what you spend your time doing.

Meaning: to improve writing better blog posts, spend time doing what I’m sharing with you today.

You’ll succeed when your assignment becomes an obsession.

Let me know in the comment box if you disagree.

Secondly, know what makes you cry. And what grieves you.

You can get a clue from those, too.

You can only write on what you’re interested in. What you’ve been assigned to do. It may be your passion or whatever you choose to call it.

Choose a topic you’re passionate about

Focus on that — your assignment.

The world today is run by ideas. You know that.

So, to be better at writing blog posts, don’t be money conscious.

Be genuine and zealous to help someone by searching for an idea that can solve a problem.

For whatever you create to help people stays.

You may be wondering by now:

Who’s this ‘someone’ that needs my help?

He’s a person you must know, even before he visits your blog.

2. Have someone to talk to

Always have an imaginary friend in mind.

And you’ll end up writing as if you’re talking to one friend.

Your tone and choice of words is determined by him — your friend.

The best part of having him — a persona — is it makes you consistent.

The thing is: you have to know him, his dream, and what he likes.

And that’s love. You love your friends. Don’t you?

Now, to write better, continue to educate yourself this way:

3. Get out of your comfort zone

This is crucial.

You want to help him meet his needs (your assignment), right?

Time is up to deliberately learn and practice to succeed.

It hurts — a little — to do things that are not easy for you.

Work hard to bring life into your writing.

Mastering this craft solely depends on you. Make that move. Thrive.

4. Read more blogs

It means, read other blogs.

Polish your ability, there’s no limit here. It depends on what your audience wants, and how far you want to go with your topic.

Seth Godin reads more than 50 blogs every day. He said so. And that’s a deliberate move.

The benefits are as he puts it: “reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective and more engaged in what’s going on.”

Simply put:

First, it’s the best thing to do. I agree.

Secondly, it’s one of the best ways. There’re other ways. I agree to this, too.

In that statement, Seth disclosed the source of his ability to write great blog posts every day.

To add to reading more blogs, I suggest you…

5. Get out of the web

It’s a way of not repeating what’s already on the internet.

And dodging writers block.

Spy outside. Watch movies. Read books that are closer to topics you want to write about.


You get fresh ideas. Better angles of approach. Vim. And zeal to write better blog posts — posts with matured perspectives.

You’ll always learn something new by getting out of the web.

Aren’t you unique now?

Time is up to…

6. Collect writing examples

Here’s an opportunity to conquer writer’s block.

Get inspired, and improve your writing by collecting examples of blog posts and pages on topics.


I do my collection using 2 methods.

My first method is the Seth Godin’s style of blog collection.

It’s about using the best spam-free RSS: Feedly.

Click the button below:

On Feedly’s page, open your account.

Start adding more blogs on whatever topic you want to master.

Visit your account page every day to learn.

Feedly has an App, too. Go for it.

My second method is what most pro-writers use.

I’ve used it all my blogging and writing life.

Henneke Duistermaat, a prolific copywriter, blogger, and the owner of enchant marketing has a much better way of showing you how to use this method.

Learn all you can about it from her blog post.

I never had enough to pay for courses online.

There were quality ones I dreamed of joining. But lack of money said “no way, Francis”

I decided not to give up by using the Swipe File approach. Even before I discovered Feedly.

Note: You need to humble yourself when learning from your collected examples.

Pride blinds.


In the country of “I know,” nobody knows. They’re all ignorant fools.

Point is you’ll definitely…

7. Follow someone closely

Allow yourself to be taught.

Find the greats. They could be dead, no problem.

Learn their secrets. How they do what they do.

Something sets them apart, find out what it is.

You’re permitted to steal from their work — hey, I didn’t say plagiarize.

Look, I didn’t also say “steal their work.” I said “steal from their work.” Note the difference.

All writers are thieves.

Who wants to challenge?

Drop your “against” in the comments box, and let’s debate.

I follow bloggers, and writers. I learn from them. They’re my mentors.

You need a mentor, too.

He has been there, and has seen that danger before.

Allow him to help you.


Life is too short to experiment with.

You’re lucky, he’s everywhere.

He’s all over the internet and in books. Even at home with you.

Truth: someone is mandated to help and protect you.

Your mentor can paralyze enemies that come against you. Hope you get it.

He’ll help you grow. He’ll help you write better.

Use wisdom to blog, my friend.

8. Study and use proven writing recipes that rock the internet

How you write a post is an art.

Let’s learn from the experience of Jon Morrow, CEO, and founder of Smartblogger:

In his post, Jon revealed how he imitated Brian Clark’s blog post to write a post that touched the hearts of more than 5 million people.

I’m talking about the “Three-Act Story.”

You see, we’re permitted to steal as writers.

Okay, writers don’t steal. They copy, because “Jon Morrow Is a Dirty, Despicable Copycat”

That’s why Brian said to Jon:

“Dude, I’m honored. You could’ve written that post a dozen different ways, but you chose to use my work as inspiration. You couldn’t have given me a bigger compliment.”

Any comment?

Drop it in the box.

Anyway, he went further to form a new recipe out of the Three-Act Story. He termed it “The Storyteller.”

The most shared post in the history of Problogger was later released using the new recipe he created — The Storyteller.

Now you know 2 recipes that work wonders, right?

Have you noticed List Posts?

It’s a proven one, too.

Syed Balki loves this recipe. Everyone loves list posts.


It’s magic.

So, take time to study, and use proven writing recipes that rock the internet like those I’ve mentioned.

Jon took 5 years to find and perfect different “recipes” for writing popular posts.

Meaning, a great writer like him learn from people.

Copy how he developed a recipe from one of the oldest recipes of all time to develop yours.

Read about some other writing recipes from

…Syed’s blog post.

Your chosen recipe/s is set. What’s next?

9. Write Simple and to the point

Trying to be a blabbermouth?

Write what your blog audience need. Just help your readers solve their problems.

Write persuasive sentences that keeps them.

Write as if you’re talking to one friend

It makes you objective.

Tighten your prose.

Why use redundant words? Remove them.

Let every word add meaning.

Want to sound elaborate?


I’m not sure you’ve gone looking for a “Thesaurus” since you started reading this post.

Difficult words avoided.

That’s how I do it.

No jargon. Maybe, a little.

In all, be warm. And show your readers the ways in which you’re like them.

Dalai Lama once said: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”

So, think big and…

10. Keep writing

Don’t panic.

Let nothing intimidate you.

Keep writing, even when you want to quit. Write every day. My least in a day is 250 words.

More grease to the elbow, my friend.

You can write better now

Yes, you can.

There’re better ways of doing everything.

Not until you discover how, you’ll continue to shake in whatever you do.

Never give up.

For everyone has the ability to write better.

Follow these actionable tips and let’s see what happens.

Let me hear from you, too.

Drop what you think in the comment box below and let’s have fun writing.

Originally published at on July 24, 2016.

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