HUT34 — A simple and easy connection that provides frictionless access to all connected platforms.

When someone or a group of people discuss about technology, the internet will not be separated from the topic of discussion they discussed. With the internet, a person can do anythings, such as exchanging information, sending data, storing data, doing business, channeling hobbies, playing games, interacting with many people in the world and so on.This is what causes the Internet is very influential on changes in people’s lifestyle massive and fast. Global population growth, massive digital lifestyle adoption, and the ability to record and store information are increasingly driven to drive enormous growth in data volumes and internet traffic that are predicted to exceed 61,000 Gbps by 2020.

The monetization of this growing data is only held by big company like Apple, Google and Amazon who use their data to control knowledge and new things in the future. But HUT34 offers a different paradigm. End users, now spend more time in chat services, so the use of AI in chat services that can keep the user’s attention will be more useful. From that case, the ChatBot market will grow 37% over the next 4 years. It is the challenge of HUT34 to build an AI superintendent that bridges between business and users.

Hut34 aims to be a channel that links Silo decentralization in the world of data, information and knowledge through network nodes or “Huts”. The network will be open to all those who want to join Hunt34, and economic incentives will push the entire global knowledge base to a new level.

The Hut34 network is designed to provide utilities for end users, domain experts, bots and builder services, and IOT data providers, while also providing a valuable resource for business and marketing. Users will be empowered with access to more useful, temporary information contributors are reasonably priced for their efforts.

The core concept involves networking participants though cottage and troubleshooting through intelligent routing and ranking. Hut34 works to minimize friction with connectors, easy and successful resolving questions and critical make it easy to monetize transaction information.

Any place on the network is a switch for a new one, facilitating connection, routing, ranking and monetizing not only data, but information and knowledge. Similar to the TCP / IP router concept, sending and receiving traffic, but allowing each user the benefits of their contributions and data.

Hut34 offers 4 features:

  • Monetise
    This feature is used to provide users with access to the data, information and knowledge we have to deploy the expertise we have on one Hut34 platform.
  • Settlement
    This feature is used to provide 3rd party services to rate answers returned to the network to generate answers to existing questions. This feature will provide a successful resolution that adds utility, value to our service, and end customers.
  • Connection
    This feature will make it easier for us to get quick service access to existing features and connected services such as Facebook, Skype and others in the Hut34 platform.
  • Plot
    This feature will guide the user to customize the existing questions according to user needs.

You will get many benefits if you invest in ICO HUT34, there are 4 advantages:

  • End Users of the Service — The Hut34 network is designed to provide consumers with the information and services they want in the most convenient and user-friendly way. End-user users will find it easy to access every service available in this platform without the need to search for specific questions.
  • Domain and Academic Experts — Connection to the Hut34 network allows experts in the domain field, or those with the knowledge to be able to disseminate their knowledge among users in a wide range of networks throughout the Hut34 network.
  • Bots and Builder Service — The Hut34 network empowers developers by providing access to a global network of information and users. This will support developers providing further channels to monetising their knowledge or services. By connecting to the network, developers can change their projects, processes, ideas or knowledge of a company that is distributed globally without being personally, enabling them to focus on their technical work. By developing collaboratively the usefulness of all connected network bots, developers can maximize user retention through minimizing situations where users are forced to go to other services.
  • Industry — The Hut34 network provides direct access to a large number of consumers, who can easily and automatically targeted by demographics, location, language and indigenous interests. Industries that are also connected with the Hut Network34 have access to a global expertise base for their own use. Employees can utilize the service provided network to increase productivity, or service customers can be improved by providing clients contextually relevant content, which is very important not necessarily generated by businesses from various industries.

The Entropy Foundation hosts a token sales event to fund the HUT34 Project to be freed and implemented. ENT itself can later be used to transact services provided by HUT34, or maybe you can trade it on an exchanger that will soon be provided by the developer. 100,000,000 ENT has been provided for the token sale event.

1. Token Sale

To provide an opportunity for investors who want to support the success of the project HUT34 then held token sale as a form of your participation. For those of you who are interested to join Token Sale event you can visit Hut34 Token Sale page which will start Token Sale event on October 19, 2017 (for 28 days)

During the token sale period, Entropy Token (ENT) can only be purchased using Ethereum (ETH) to be received and retained until Entropy Token (ENT) is allocated. Participants will surely get a nominal ENT that matches the specified final price. In addition, participants will get an extra 10% ENT bonus for those who attend the event.

2. Auction

The auction period will begin when the Sales or Token Sale period expires. The goal is to set a fair price for all Entropy Token holders. The auction period will last for (i) a 7 day period (ii) when the target has been reached.

100,000,000 ENT will be distributed as follows

1. Maximum 50% of total, for Token Sale event participants
The point is, the token sale when it reaches the target before closing, then the rest of the ENT token will be moved into 2 things below

2. A minimum of 30% will be withheld Entropy Foundation for:
* Platform Partnership, developer incentive program
* Entropy Token management initiative
* Corporate expansion and future development
* Related seller toll

3. 20% Will be allocated to the Entropy Foundation team and advisers

Timothy McNamara B.Sc — System Architect
Nicholas McDowell B.Eng — Technology
Peter Godbolt — Blockchain Advisor
Paweł Mordaszewski B.Sc — Full Stack Engineer
Shahbaz Khurram M.Comp Sc — Full Stack Engineer
Fred Westling B.Eng B.Sc — Computer Scientist & Engineer
Nicolas Richter B. Arts (Arch), B. Arch (Hons) — Communication

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