Boost these top 3 SaaS KPIs with marketing automation

An old classmate told me the other day that he thought marketing automation was really starting to gain momentum in marketing teams. Thankfully this former classmate is not a marketer and doesn’t work for a company that is on the bleeding edge of tech. Because any marketer who tells you that marketing automation is new… is bananas.

The recent uptick of marketing automation-focused agencies is evidence of this. Consulting agencies that focus on marketing automation tools (like Marketo or Pardot) and the associated processes seem to be making a great living.

But my old classmate was right. Each day, young marketing teams are going all-in on marketing automation, often jumping back and forth between tools until they find one with the functionality and pricepoint that meets their needs.

Truth is, there is not a more exciting time to be in marketing. But only if you are constantly willing to learn and adapt to rapid technology changes. And only if you embrace the fundamental concept of tracking your performance at every step of the way.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably using a marketing automation system. If that’s the case, you know how much effort you and your team have put into this platform already. You’re likely allocating a sizable chunk of your marketing budget to it, and you’ve spent and continue to spend time and effort in the platform.

But how are you, as your team’s marketing automation specialist, proving ROI?

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