eSports — no more in future

Technologies shape and change our lives. The digital era that we used to see in old sci-fi movies is no more a future, we already experience it: virtual reality and augmented reality, cyber sports are no more a science fiction. Advance technologies touch every aspect of our life, except for sports which has stayed more or less untouchable: for instance, if our way of communicating and shopping has changed, we still play football or hockey the way we used to back in our childhood. Traditional sports stay intact but a new way of sports rise.

In this article we are going to explore the rise of eSports and their impact on the betting industry.

So, what is eSports? When and how it emerged and evolved?

eSports (electronic sports) are a form of competition that is facilitated by video games[1]. Most commonly, eSports take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.

Historically, the evolution of eSports can conditionally be divided into three main phases[2]:


The first video game competition took place between the students of the Stanford University for the game Spacewar[3] on October 19, 1972. However, one of the most well-known eSports competition was organized by Atari with more than ten thousand participants across the United States, was held in 1980. This can be truly be perceived as the conceiving of eSports, establishing the start for video gaming tournaments and competitions.


This is the time of the PC games rise. Companies, like Nintendo and Blockbuster used to sponsor world championships for arcade and console games. The decade was also remarkable due to the rise of the Internet gaming and “real-time strategy” games, such as Warcraft[4].

2000 — now

Though video game tournaments used to take place already starting from 1980s, the eSports era is truly perceived to be only after 2000, as the most popular tournaments and the primary games that launched during this period have become the basis of today’s eSports.

Cyber games, such as Counter-Strike, DOTA and Call of Duty, probably are the backbone of eSports. Gamble Beast, as a leading Sportsbook solutions provider also gives the opportunity of having eSports on the line of its partner operators to accept bets on various championships.

The rise and evolution of eSports, as a new type of sports, could not leave betting industry untouched. Currently bookmakers accept bets on eSports championships that are increasing their popularity among players and bettors on daily basis. Not only the number of cyber game players is constantly growing, but also the number of viewers and fans who are just as happy to witness the development of the tournaments from the sidewalks. For example, “LoL” (“League of Legends”) tournament at Dreamhack in 2011 had over 1.6 million viewers worldwide. This is quite an impressive figure and it keeps on growing. If there are millions of viewers and fans of cyber games worldwide, then it is a promising niche for bookmakers to conquer.

In fact, setting odds and markets on eSports is rather different from the traditional sports. Therefore not all the bookmakers manage to offer expansive markets and odds for eSports. In this regard, the partner operators of Gamble Beast don’t face this problem, as they keep up with all the trends and industry changes. Besides, providing markets and odds, Gamble Beast offers a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface, taking into account that eSports is a nouveau experience for many players.

Here are the main markets for eSports that Gamble Beast provides:

- Match winner — this is an easy one, the bettor should predict which team will be the winner of the championship;

- Map bet: winner — the bettor should predict which team will be the winner on a separate map;

- Special bets — the bettor can be offered to predict which team will get the first blood or a kill.

To conclude, one thing is certain, eSports is no more in the future, it’s already our present. It’s a multimillion dollar business with a huge untapped market opportunity for bookmakers.

David Manoukyan

Marketing Communications Responsible at Gamble Beast





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