The Game Changer platform announces its launch: a new age for the mobile app sector is on the horizon

A new project is tapping into one of the most rapidly expanding sectors today by introducing a novel solution that might become an industry standard in the foreseeable future. We are talking about Game Changer, the first full-fledged blockchain ecosystem for the market of mobile applications powered by its native currency that can be used for cross-app purchases.

The unprecedented growth of the mobile sector has long established the belief that the future is mobile. Indeed, very few would argue with this, as the numbers speak for themselves — for the following 4 years, it is expected that the industry will grow by $ 653.91 billion, progressing at a CAGR of almost 21% (PRNewswire). There are hardly any other sectors that can compete with this growth rate, mainly because of how versatile mobile devices are and how they find new use cases within almost any area of our lives. Over the last years the biggest drivers of this trend were consumer apps for health, fitness, investment and personal finance, as well as the advancements in mobile-based solutions for the e-commerce market. However, new emerging industries are also entering the fray

Despite its fairly recent advent, blockchain technology has already proven itself to be a sustainable solution to some of the most pressing issues in a variety of sectors, especially where intermediaries and sensitive information were a concern — such as the finance sector. Tech giants like IBM, Google, some of the Big Four companies and many others have started exploring the potential advantages of the technology. Not surprisingly, blockchain finds many touchpoints with the mobile sector and in this article we will explore the most notable of them.

An app store free of intermediaries

If you are an app developer or were involved in the sector you might be familiar with the harsh conditions of the Apple Store and Google Play Store. While submitting your app is not that expensive, requiring a subscription that costs between $99 and $299 a year, the commissions are mind blowing. Both Apple and Google collect a whooping 30% of all revenues made by paid apps and in-app purchases and while they recently announced plans to reduce this to 15% for smaller apps, it is still a sizable cut that makes it very challenging for most to become profitable.

This is where Game Changer comes in with their blockchain solution. A blockchain-based app store means that there are no direct intermediaries — while Game Changer creates the ecosystem, it does not control it apart from performing quality control on any new app submissions. This results in full transparency in the fee structure, as well as much more cost-efficient operation of the whole ecosystem due to its self-governance and management, allowing Game Changer to lower the fees compared to the traditional app stores.

A universal currency for cross-app purchases

Everyone is familiar with the flexibility offered by blockchain — borderless transactions without currency restrictions, conversions or intermediary parties. Game Changer acknowledged that this concept can be easily implemented within an ecosystem for mobile apps. By enabling a common currency that can be used for purchases within every product in the app store, the project offers several advantages for both end users and developers. First and foremost, it aligns their interests with those of all other stakeholder groups. This means the financial performance of Game Changer is a function of the user satisfaction and the developer’s success. As a result, the ecosystem takes over the marketing of all apps that are approved, allowing the developers to spend more effort in building quality products and not dedicate more than half of their available resources to popularizing their finished product. Second, users can finally cash back the in-app currencies they have invested in or transfer them to another app, offering a much higher flexibility than traditional app stores.

A common currency promotes a much more natural competition by shifting the focus of the developers from marketing to the actual quality of the apps. Unlike traditional tokens and microtransactions that are reserved only to a specific product, users will have the flexibility to spend their tokens on purchases in every app within the Game Changer ecosystem. As a result, they will be inclined to focus on apps that they get the most value of.

Game Changer does not stop there — at a later stage, the project is planning to introduce a social network that will facilitate the creation and transfer of NFTs. Furthermore, users will be able to tokenize their digital assets such as unique in-app purchases or exclusive items obtained through achievements.

The concept of a common currency is especially important for mobile games, a thriving subsector of the mobile industry that accounts for the biggest share of in-app spending. Game Changer has partnered with an app development studio and the first product — a RPG adventure mobile game — has already been developed, tested and is ready for deployment. Many further games and apps are currently in development to secure the initial supply for the first users. Third party apps will be admitted to the ecosystem after a thorough quality control process at much lower fees and commissions compared to the two traditional app stores.

To learn more about the project and how to become a first-mover, visit




We change your mobile experience The very first ingame currency based on a blockchain The first coin for both: user and developer Game changer platform

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We change your mobile experience The very first ingame currency based on a blockchain The first coin for both: user and developer Game changer platform

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