Gamebots on Facebook Messenger

Gamebots on Kik was introduced to Kik’s Bot Shop in late November and has already rewarded hundreds of game keys and in-game items to players worldwide! The moment we launched we immediately knew we needed a proper Messenger companion. Today the Gamebots team is excited to announce our Official Messenger Chatbot.

What is Gamebots?

Gamebots is chatbot on Kik and Facebook Messenger that notifies uses when pre-sale PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo & Oculus game keys become available. No more website loading, user logins, title searching, or entering checkout captcha. The only thing between you and a recent pre-sale release is a single tap purchase.

How does it work?

Gamebots allows you to reserve the latest pre-order game keys before anyone else. The moment the game is available Gamebots alerts users for a single tap game key confirmation. (Up to 50% off)

“All I do is win”

Users can WIN games and in-game items by playing Flip Coin inside of Gamebots. Flip Coin is an safe & addictive way to earn items for simply being in your mobile messenger.

Where can I get Gamebots?

Gamebots on Messenger can installed here and don’t forget to try our Kik version. (hint you can play Flip Coin & WIN in both Chatbots)