DJI Introducing The DJI Spark — Test Footage & Review

The DJI Spark Rumors were true, and while Many people were expecting a DJI Spark Leak, DJI took it upon themselves to announce the DJI Spark Drone on May 24th, 2017

The DJI Spark Test Footage shows the improvements on a hand-gesture controlled flight mode and facial recognition.

The DJI Spark will be arriving in mid-June for $500. The DJI Spark cost only comes with the drone and doesn’t include a controller

The DJI spark weight is about the weight of a can of soda, shoots HD video, has a 2-axis gimbal stabilizer on the camera, and comes with onboard software that mitigates shake and shutter roll.

The DJI Spark tops out at 31 mph and the battery lasts for 16 minutes. Not crazy-bonkers specs, but it is just so, so tiny.

By far the coolest DJI Spark feature is its gesture-controlled flight mode, allowing you to send the DJI Spark overhead to take an aerial photo of you and your buds with just simple hand movements.


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