The Importance of Influencer Marketing for Gaming Apps

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these last few years, you’ll no doubt have been exposed to game influencer marketing on different social media channels. Brands all around the world are turning to influencers to promote their products or services to their followers, and moving away from or reducing their traditional marketing and mobile game advertising spend.

While many may turn their nose up at these self-made celebrities that have made their fame from promoting other brands on a social media platform, game influencer marketing is definitely something that you should be including in your overall game marketing strategy.

Here’s why:

Your Game Gets in Front of the Right Audience

Game influencer marketing is the only form of marketing that gets your game right in front of your perfect target audience. Sure, you can promote your game through targeted Facebook or Instagram ads, but it can sometimes be hit and miss depending on a user’s online behaviour and how engaged they are.

When it comes to YouTube, 90 percent of gamers get gaming advice on a weekly basis, and 64 percent will download a game after seeing it on the platform. Collaborating with a streamer on Twitch is also a guaranteed way to get your game in front of the right audience, thanks to over 100 million unique visitors every month who are on the platform simply because they have a love of gaming.

An Influencer’s Fans Trust Them and What They Promote

The fans that follow a gaming influencer know that they will be promoting different games on their channels. And, they trust that they will only promote games that are worthy of a second look. Too many influencers have learned the hard way and promoted any old game just to keep the cash coming in, but once their followers cottoned then it was curtains for the influencers.

Gamers follow influencers because they want to know about new games as well as learn tips and tricks about games they are already playing. It may take them some time to find the right influencers to follow and to build up that trust, but once that relationship is there, it’s hard to break.

Because of this, game influencer marketing is especially important, but only if you find the right influencer for the genre of your game and your target demographic. Finding the right influencer can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but once you do then you’ll reap the benefits.

Gaming Influencers Need Content

While some influencers in other industries will create some of their own content, gaming influencers rely heavily on game developers approaching them to collaborate. Without new games to promote and talk about, an influencer’s channel becomes boring and not worth anyone’s time. This means good things for you, especially since an influencer wants to be the first to promote the next big thing.

Reach for the Stars

Promoting your game can be scary! As a Game Marketing Agency, Game Marketing Genie will help you find the right channel and voice to influence you target market. Our team of specialists has been assembled from the best that the industry has to offer and our experience is second to none. Don’t believe us? Let’s have a chat!



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