GameOn Technology Announces $35 Million in Series B Funding

We are thrilled to announce our Series B, $35 Million funding, co-led by Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Mighty Capital, and B3 Capital.

GameOn is best known as the leading chat experience for sports fans to connect with the teams and brands they love. Today, we look towards a bold expansion into new verticals while deepening the capabilities of our robust platform to help brands solve tough business challenges around consumer adoption, engagement and sales.

It has been an extraordinary 8-year journey! We are proud beyond measure to have grown from a single idea around fan engagement to becoming a leader on the global stage in chat technology. Partnerships with some of the world’s biggest sports properties like the NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA Tour and FIFA have driven powerful results and we’ve continued to share our technology for good, including supporting social initiatives like Rock the Vote.

We have developed a deep understanding and passion for the relationship between brands and their fans, and have unlocked powerful insights used to drive profitability and business change. The breadth of data, coupled with the power of machine learning and the ingenuity of Authentic Intelligence has helped drive stronger, more rewarding experiences for brands. This deep engagement model has helped drive an action from the fan to the brand over 50% of the time, dwarfing response rates seen on virtually any other digital platform. Simply put, GameOn gives teams and brands the opportunity to transact, engage and entertain fans in a uniquely intimate and conversational setting. Learnings like these are why we’re most excited about expanding into new verticals beyond sports.

From our CEO

“We’re excited not only to continue to scale up our foothold in the sports industry but also increase our reach and influence over the chat space as a whole,” said GameOn CEO and Co-Founder Alex Beckman. “Chat has always been used as a defensive tool, but there are over 3 billion people chatting every day. GameOn has unlocked the chat experience and turned it into an offensive, revenue-generating machine for a wide variety of teams and industries to develop a deeper and more substantial relationship with their consumers.”

What Investors Are Saying

“GameOn brings substantial opportunities for real results with audiences who have been cultivated for years on multiple channels,” said Justin Kim, Executive Director at Mirae Asset Venture Investment. “Our investment reflects our view that conversational chat platforms present an untapped opportunity to not only change the future of chat but lead the charge in connecting the biggest brands in the world with their consumers and keeping them connected through engaged and meaningful content that drives business acumen. Alex and his team have built a successful fan platform, and we’re confident they will do the same with GameOn.”

In addition to Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Mighty Capital, and B3 Capital, we’re proud to be supported by investors including Jim Davidson, Mark Attanasio — owner of the MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers, Quest Venture Partners, the Wilf family — owners of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, and Great Point Ventures.

To learn more about GameOn, visit our website. Interested in joining our team? Check out open roles here.



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