How to Contribute to Game Protocol’s ICO

In this guide we will create a wallet using MyEtherWallet. If you already have an Ethereum wallet you can skip to step 6.

1. Go to

Click on the “New Wallet” tab.

2. Create a password 

It’s a good idea to save this password in multiple locations. If you lose this password you will lose access to all cryptocurrencies stored in your wallet. 

Click the “Create New Wallet” button.

3. Download and save your Keystore file

You will not be able to access your account without this file and your password. 

Click the “I understand. Continue.” button.

You can backup your private key if you would like to make your account accessible on other Ethereum wallets. Do not share your private key with anyone else. 

Click the “Save Your Address” button to continue.

4. Unlock your wallet 

Select the “Keystore File / JSON File” option. 

Select the keystore file you’ve downloaded, enter your password, and click the “Unlock” button.

5. Save your public address

You can now view your Ethereum public address.

You can also download and print a paper wallet containing your address and private key.

6. Purchasing Ethereum

Here are some exchanges you can purchase Ethereum from:

7. Using Ethereum to purchase Game Protocol Tokens

Go to

Select the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab.

Select the “Keystore / JSON File” option.

Select your wallet file, enter your password, and click the “Unlock” button just like we did in step 4.

8. Sending Ethereum

Copy the address directly from the Game Protocol website.

Enter the amount of the Ethereum you would like to send and click the “Generate Transaction” button.

After you successfully complete the transaction it will appear in your MyEtherWallet transaction history. 

Click here to learn how to confirm your transaction