Introduction to GameStreet: Our Vision and What We Are Building

Gamestreet sees ourselves as the gateway for the infinite discovery of upcoming and current games; we endeavor to enhance the Gamer experience within the space and truly unify all aspects of Web3 gaming under one roof

Our Vision

Blockchain Gaming is becoming ever popular with huge titles like Axie Infinity taking the world by storm. We see huge potential in this space to innovate on the traditional closed environment of games and provide high liquidity to game assets allowing value accrual to Gamers.

However, today we see two problems:

  1. Gamers have a hard time finding new games and P2E opportunities
  2. Game developers lack ways to target relevant gamer cohorts for new player acquisition

Our vision is to be the leading platform that allows Gamers to explore the universe of blockchain games seamlessly through AI recommendations. We then want to provide a wealth of information (like earning potential, demos, etc.) so that Gamers feel empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and once they do, give a straightforward way to get started (guides, quick access to guilds, etc.).

We also want to allow Gamers to be able to have a unique presence on our platform through profiles, where they will be able to showcase themselves and interact with other Gamers too.

Lastly, we want anybody to be able to quickly and easily monetize their passions, such as 1:1 coaching through our platform.

Leveraging this Gamer base and profiles, we will be able to work with game developers to reach out to their ideal Gamer cohort to acquire new players. We will use incentivization tools like our native token, $STREET, to facilitate many forms of incentivization which will benefit both Gamers and game developers.

What We Are Building

We fundamentally want to focus our initial building on 4 main areas:

Matching web3 Gamers to incredible web3 games

  • GameStreet aims to be the largest platform for blockchain games; cutting across Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC ecosystems

Building out our Gamer Profiles

  • The LinkedIn of Gamers is here! Gamers will be able to show off their greatest achievements or most prized NFTs and build up their following in the gaming space

Allowing Gamers to socialize and share content in a meaningful way

  • GameStreet wants to be the center of all Web3 gaming content: Gamers will be able to post, engage, discuss and connect with other Gamers in the ecosystem

$STREET incentivization model

  • Our goal is to ensure that value accrual to Gamers on our platform remains high. $STREET tokens will incentivize the activity and performance of Gamers within the GameStreet ecosystem





Bridging web3 gamers and games

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Bridging web3 gamers and games

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