The Future Of E-sports Betting Is Here

They say E-sports betting is the future. Some say, the block-chain is cutting edge technology when it comes to finance. Combine the two and you have a system that bleeds at the cutting edge. For the past six months, our team has been working round the clock towards attaining a singular goal — launching the world’s first E-sports betting website, powered by a block-chain. Our mission was to combine in-game economies with the free and open market via a digital marketplace and to empower individuals, anywhere in the world to bet upon E-sports matches without having to go through the hassles of a fiat oriented banking system. From figuring out compliance issues and regulatory structures, to optimizing the product and often dipping into savings to boot-strap the project and get it live, its been a tough six months and here we are, with the first iteration of ready to take bets with a token placeholder from individuals around the world. I am extremely pleased to announce our early alpha — and a competition that leaves you with a chance to win a total of 100 USD in Bitcoin for placing the maximum number of accurate bets

What is ?

  • An E-sports betting platform
  • Bitcoin, Bitshares and Steam in-game items are the depositing vehicles
  • The platform is open to users from around the world
  • Match winnings are distributed at the end of the match, no hold ups
  • Bets may be placed on professional CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota and hearthstone matches
  • Users will be able to view live streams of the matches listed on

What is our Early Alpha Test ?

  • Users will be given a total of 660 Gamebet Gold (the platform currency)
  • The testing phase will last for one week
  • Users may place bets on matches and use their winnings to bet on additional matches
  • The individual with the most Gamebet Gold at the end of the testing phase will win 100 dollars worth of Bitcoin

Further information :

The platform consists of two types of currencies, Gamebet Gold (GG) and Steam Silver (SS). Gamebet Gold is backed by user deposits of Bitcoin made to the website and can be instantly withdrawn. Steam Silver is back by user deposits of Steam items. These two platform currencies are treated as separate currencies and have separate betting pools on each match. Steam Silver allows users betting with Steam items to receive the exact amount of winnings they are entitled to rather than having to round down due in game item to item betting as found on the CSGO Lounge platform. Steam Silver may then be used to purchase items off the Gamebet item marketplace which is made up of the items deposited by users.

We intend to launch the system completely with a marketplace and deposit system in the coming month. In the mean time — feel free to try the system out and let us know what you think!

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