FIFA v. World

I grew up playing hockey, which spilled over to my gaming and ultimately the NHL series. And although I have nothing to complain about (it’s funny even writing this because it’s so false) with NHL, — it’s a great game, love it — I’ve grown to like FIFA more and thus play it more often.

The recent FIFA release had women’s soccer baked into the game…finally. Awesome stuff. And I think even you narcissistic bastards that are out there would agree that as Americans we can *be even more excited to game with the USA women’s soccer team — they dominate the sport and the men’s team is garbage every year. Period. For years we had to play as other countries to be able to compete. (Dikembe Mutombo finger-wave) Not anymore.

And it’s not just the newest addition to the FIFA franchise that makes me want to play — as always, EA sports adds jussssssst enough to FIFA for an additional challenge to the game to get folks coming back year after year (along with Madden and NHL…they truly dominate in this capacity).

I’d go as far as saying that FIFA is the most complete and fun sports game I have played. Why? I’m glad no one asked…

1. Soccer is a global game = FIFA is a global game. Easy. Every country is interested and plays soccer. More gamers and a larger community.

2. 2 v. 2 in FIFA is more fun than NHL. It kills me to say this, but 2 on 2 battles are better in FIFA. For all of you NHLers out there, don’t just hate on the comment; actually pick up the controller and play FIFA with your buddies and get involved. It’s incredibly fun.

3. I don’t know what it is, but scoring a goal in FIFA makes you want to scream “GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL” for a minute and a half like the European announcers.

4. Messi and Ronaldo. You’re playing with #1 and #1A (like Lemieux and Gretzky) players of all time.

5. The gameplay. I know, I know everyone’s standard response when they defend their favorite game is “the gameplay is awesome”. Well, whatever, I’m one of those guys. But EA sports mastered the real-life soccer experience. Pro Evolution is fun, no doubt, but the level of capabilities and lifelike behavior in FIFA is unparalleled.

So the net/net to you Pro Evo players — you’re children. Get FIFA.

And to the gamers out there looking for a multiplayer sh!tshow before you eat your turkey, beef, ham, or pork, jump into FIFA.

That’s all.

Greg Shuman, Chief Street Officer, GamerDuel

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