A rebuttal to the prospective @RiseMiamiNews Anti-Gamergate piece found here: https://archive.is/7c720 . I have tried to included links as citation to my claims. If they are lacking many more are available, I can produce as many as needed.

GamerGate bills itself as a leaderless grassroots movement in support of improving ethics within the gaming industry, particularly games journalism, with their primary purpose being to expose and prevent bias and conflicts of interest, with the group’s political alignments slightly left of center.

This is all true. Many members do seem to align and self-identify their selves with leftists, believing very strongly in equal rights and personal freedom, with a majority also believing in leftist notions such as gay marriage, equal pay, universal health care, etc. But as you can see there are members from all political backgrounds but if anything it isn’t a left or right issues, it is a Authoritarian vs Libertarian issue.

If anybody is interested more about what GamerGate believes in these great articles by GamePolitics will enlighten them.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well it should, because this is a cover narrative, a stated goal developed by a group to attract potential members who might find their genuine goal rather off-putting. The tactic of a cover narrative has been used by the Ku Klux Klan, the Manson family, and the church of Scientology. Now, with groups that use cover narratives, it’s their genuine goals that matter, so let’s stop looking at GamerGate based on what they’re saying, and start looking at GamerGate on what they’re doing.

This is an interesting theory lets look at your claims that support this.

Now, I am by no means saying that nobody associated with GamerGate doesn’t genuinely believe in the cover narrative, but something that must be understood about human group psychology is that a leaderless movement is not possible. Certain dominant figures will always emerge and sway influence, and it is when you compare the natures of those dominant figures that their true intentions emerge.

I think you’ll agree, while not exhaustive, some of your most dominant supporters are former football star Chris Kluwe , former jeopardy champion Arthur Chu , and cyborg Zoe Quinn. These 3 people have all been interviewed on this topic via several mediums.

And when we look at GamerGate’s figures we begin to see a pattern of secondary narratives and double standards. For example, while GamerGate claims to be focused on ethics, numerous figures involved in it have themselves been directly behind distributing death and bomb threats, posting people’s personal information publicly, and slanting or hiding stories to suit political agendas; despite political slanting being the exact issue GamerGate claims to be focused the most on.

We are thoroughly cataloging ethical breaches as we find them, this list is hundreds of journalists long, you can view that it doesn’t contain private information made public, but actual conflicts of interest and other ethical and questionable practices by them. http://www.deepfreeze.it/journo.php

We also released a press dossier:

A Review Of Game Journalism

A Report on Practices in the Video Game Journalism and Review Industry

Please let me know of any subtle ulterior motives you see in these resources.

As far as bomb threats we can say your supports are very interested in shutting down venues and have proof of precedence: https://twitter.com/Nero/status/594540467230023680

I’m not sure what stories are being hidden but I would like to see them.

And while GamerGate generally claims its political affiliations to be a minor element of it and largely lying left of center, those among them who have actually shown a pattern of political bias have almost entirely been far to the right wing.
Despite their claims of being centered around gaming and ethics, many of GamerGate’s more prominent supporters are themselves rather opposed to gamers, and steer their discussion topics away from that and instead seem intent on making it an issue about women’s rights.

Breitbart a right wing publication was one of the first people interested in the story, but before we were condemned, we had a few interviews with the Huffington Post, Forbes, etc. And as the political compass shows we have a huge left wing bias, but are willing to affiliate with anybody who will let us speak without unfounded accusations.

Now this is actually not an inherently bad thing, the position of women in the computing and gaming industries in particular has always been a rather awkward situation in our supposedly gender equal society. As such there would be room for some reasonable discussion on the matter, yet this is something that GamerGate has yet to provide, and in fact seems to actively oppose.

We love gender equality, and some of our most vocal proponents are minorities and women, look to #notyourshield. Here are hundreds of females who don’t want to be erased because of their opinion on this matter:

GamerGate discussions of women generally tend to devolve into conspiracy theories and conflation of criticism with censorship, and when discussion does inevitably become about real women in the real industry, it invariably ends in threats and insults being thrown their way, so much so that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has gotten involved more than once.

There have been Freedom Of Information Requests to the FBI, all they say is the matter is under investigation and they will not release records and are exempt from doing so. They don’t say if they are investing pro-gamergate people or anti-gamergate people, as shown above there are bomb threats that go off whenever gamergate wants to talk, and vested interests in keeping them from talking.


I would like to close this out with a brief summary of my own relation with gaming as I feel my point may be better understood if my perspective is understood. I’m a woman yes, and I have been in love with gaming since I first saw my cousin’s Super Nintendo when I was four years old, the first console I ever owned was a Gameboy advance that I wore the screen out on, and my most recent acquisition a gaming PC that I’ve been upgrading over several years. My entire life I have been enamored with gaming and have wanted nothing more than to be able to spread the joy it can bring to others, to which end I’m currently majoring in programming and doing small time development as a hobby. I’ll never stop loving gaming, and will never stop wanting to see it improve and advance, that is why I will never stop hating GamerGate, and why I hope the rest of my fellow reasonable gamers will understand.

As a GamerGate supporter, I love games, I started with the intellivision, and will never stop encouraging people from all walks of life, gender, race, from playing or creating the games they want. That is the awesome thing about this medium, when playing or making a game I could be a women in South Africa or China and be right across the screen from you sharing in the experience, and you would never know the difference unless I told you.

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