No, Ashley Madison’s Users Don’t ‘Deserve’ To Have Their Information Leaked
Michael Schnier

Have you read the zoe post? Because it’s not an airing of dirty laundry, it’s an exposal of a vile abuser who is portrayed as an angel that can do no wrong and he does not acuse her of cheating on him, he documents it, the screenshots he provided of their conversation proves it, no personal information was leaked. I think you need to view this oh btw, let me mention to you, this woman was part of a group called Helldump on the something awful forums which purpose was to dox and harass users, it came to an abrupt halt when they drove a 14 year old girl to suicide.

Harassment campaigns aren’t commonly put to the public spotlight through media, it’s only because they could use the story for a political agenda, the biggest harassment “campaign” I can think of on foot is Justine Sacco then there’s the case of Brad Wardell, who was falsely presented by gawker as a sex monster despite having done nothing wrong, this happened in 2013 and the lie was further spread by no other than the woman from before (zoe). Do you know what happened to wardell? He recieved death threats and I think vandalism to his home (broken windows) but I can’t remember if this is correct, his wife and kids recieved these threats to and everytime he has a new business meeting this is brought up, everything his person is mentioned this is brought up, I don’t know how bad it is for his wife if she’s questioned about this as much. If I recall correctly he has court documents on him at all times in case he needs to provide proof.

The above are better examples of online harassment and witch hunts should you ever need any and there are many more out there, basically I agree with the basic Idea of this post and it was my initial thought when I saw users saying what you also describe you saw, cheering of the hack and a call to release the personal information, nobody wins though. It’s essentially a dox if they release the information.

From what I’ve read the hackers did not like Ashley Madisons(AM from now on) policy of having to pay them to have their account removed, I agree, that’s a stupid practice and I think it’s also illegal if it contains private/personal information. I fail yo see however how they directly hurt AM by publishing their users information, AM aren’t the one who is going to get hurt, it’s the users. It’s not anyone’s business to determine what happens when you cheat on someone other than your partner.

I do not see who wins if the private information is publicized, the ones being cheated on? That’s debatable, I wouldn’t want to find out like that, my private life is private, it’s not the public’s, it’s not a field where they have any authority what so ever.

Above all the shit there was a funny comment though to one of the articles about this episode “As long as they don’t release MY name” LOL, also Breitbarts Milo Yiannopoulos (did I spell that right lol?) released quite a funny article about who SHOULD be anxious about their name being released

despite my disagreement on this being or having anything to do with revenge porn it’s good we see eye to eye on not releasing private information, have a nice day.

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