Corporal rises at dawn and gets the cereal from downstairs pantry. Little beans pouring out the wall like it’s all come home. A hexagon blue by the side of the street greet me and it’s time to send me up, send me up like all the rest. It all comes rollingh now, doormats stained with remnants of occupants, community street lights felled like trees by a night brigade we all try to tell ourselves are on our side. They haven’t had this much fun since the Captain’s Ball.

A tax on the teeth, now that’s an idea, an idae and a half. Shutter down and shake it out, Goddard will pick up the pieces. You’re pressed and absolutist now, a drinking game to distract from the burglars who are making out the back with our sofa. Retrieved at 24/06/2017 34:07:01. Zoom in, so far in that there is no more in and then stiop sharp and feel the spring of all the released kineticism shake you to your core.

High court says crows. High court says sunglasses. High court says they all gone missing and you might too. Don’t play with the lights, don’t eat the skater’s skin. The box had real bright graphics and made my ears burn like the old hat-maker switch. And now Kenya exports 100 of the gross domestic product of all the other star combined into one nurtient-free golden end./ Just son’t push too hard.

Open it up, places it inside and maybe the pocket’s too big. Alll compatment in compartments here, gotta be more rigid. I ramble but it’s all goose. Remember the programme with the girl with the red hair with the arrow with the hark with the space with the fight or flight? Good.

Duck low, helicopter’s coming, it’s all the new rage. When he does the pointing thing, damn obnoxious views though. Mother to wing. Remove the bandage and just look at the miniature forest inside, you’ll have quite an immuity. Your application has been accepted and you will be notified in five to seven interface shells. I’m all used up like an old Sopsa bottle, can’t we o a little bit faster?

Generator just beyond the trnaslucent acreen where magnetic coil ruins rum and coke and splashes it up in your face. Subdivide if you can’t afford a repayment and duouble down on the poutline. She’s sitting comfortably on the sofa now as the blitz and retake hits, not in a style unbecoming of her. ow a necormancer might teach you that two grams for a pound is a good deal, but there’s a little trick my grandfather taught me: Tkae the sparrow and don’t let fo no matter how much they persecute you.

It’s all in this book and you can be too if you just pray hard enoug. *The lights tuen down*. Check your watch. It’s wrong and always will be, it’s just a trick, remember that. Proceed across the concourse to your rubix cube.

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