5 Gaming Trends Set to Rule Game Industry in 2017

Technology is constantly evolving and games are perfect examples of that. There were years of simple 2D games, but now gaming cannot be imagined without that high-tech touch. If there’s one industry which has utilized the maximum of technology, it has to be gaming. Overall, it has been an exciting ride for both gamers and game development companies. The good news is that this industry is going to have further technological advancement.

If you are wondering what they are going to be, then here comes the five gaming trends that are going to rule the year 2017.

Virtual Reality Again

Virtual Reality (VR) was the focus of in last year’s annual game developer conference, Develop. VR stayed in the limelight the whole time and it was difficult to find a non-VR conversation. Of course, Pokemon Go made for the talk of the town. Though Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted display (HMD), has already paved the way for immersive VR gaming, there still remains a setback for this gaming: you play in isolation.

The challenge for VR developers would be to break this isolation and transforming it into a social one. This means that gamers would be able to do some cool stuff with friends. In last year’s conference, Anna Sweet, Oculus’s head of developer strategy, stated that VR is a physical experience and with multiplayer VR games, the medium would be more about a collaborative space rather than individual play.

Gaming Startups

In this tech era, where gaming itself is setting up new trends, gaming startups are introducing themselves as the new emerging trend in this industry. There is Affectiva, for instance, the emotion recognition software that enables development of games with emotion-aware feature. The software analyzes people’s facial expressions through a webcam and by using machine learning techniques.

SQream is another name that’s making it big in gaming industry. SQream is a big data analytics company which provides a database platform to gaming companies. The platform can be used by any game art outsourcing development company to increase user engagement through personalization. Starting from multiplayer interactions to in-game advertising, SQream doesn’t leave a single gaming field to be analyzed. Without any doubt, such startups are all set to present gamers with individualized, unique gaming experience.

Secondary Gaming Screens

The war of console gaming between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo is an ongoing one and it has become more intense owing to the invention of a secondary gaming device. Hardware improvements have allowed developers to develop games that help players to access necessary game-related information in secondary screens.

For instance, if a shooting game is being played in Wii U GamePad, then a first-person shooter will be able to access the map or inventory in the second screen without leaving the battlefield. In certain games, information can automatically get split up across multiple displays.

Cloud Gaming

Owing to faster Internet connections, cloud computing has finally started to gain momentum. According to Will Wright, the Sims creator, cloud gaming will certainly become a crucial part of gaming in the near future. Cloud gaming, for sure, presents game development companies with a wonderful opportunity to make their games as easily accessible as movies and music.

With the help of cloud gaming, games will be cheaper. One does not need to wait for updates to high-quality games. All you will need is a steady Internet connection and you are good to go.

The World of Game Development

With so many technologies to integrate and new software to be used, developing intuitive games has itself emerged as a new trend in the world of gaming. Animation and game development studios continue to hunt for new ways of developing, publishing and marketing a game. They are going for a paradigm shift from traditional models of publishing to experimenting with new ways. It would be interesting to see how developers incorporate advanced technology into their games, and how realistic games they can make.

Industry experts state that technological predictions are not completely reliable as one can never truly predict its true course. But, looking at the pace of technological advancement, it is clear that the gaming industry is in for a renaissance. So, if you are looking to make a fortune through it, then go for it. However, taking the help of an established game development company is advisable as it will help you to gain extra edge.

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