An Update on GamrHive

As GamrHive enters its fourth day of existence, one thing has become clear. Writing data, a lot of data, to the browser takes A LONG TIME. From a user engagement perspective there doesn’t seem it be a problem — average time on the applicaiton averages above 4 minutes with peaks around 11 minutes. However, the problem is no one wants to wait 6 seconds to have more than 150,00o data points load in their browser.

The problem isn’t the database query in iteself. That takes millaseconds at best. The issue is that all this data needs to get rendered in the users browser. Each data point gets mapped to multiple DOM elements, which takes a lot of time.

A quick fix would be to add a pre-loader while the data gets rendered, but that is only eye candy. It does nothing to improve performane.

Another option is to look at rendering the visualization on the server and just deliver the result to the user.

While this is something likely being worked on for the next release, I also am looking at adding other data sources in the quest to become the true destination for game consumption insights. For this to happens means moving away from a SPA (Single Page Application) and moving towards seperate nodes for each game title (i.e. distinct pages for each game title). While this won’t be in the next release, this will be a huge undertaking but in the end something that will allows users to better interact with the data.