Announcing GamrHive

The beginning of the new year means new opportunities and adventures. When the clock struck midnight and 2016 began, GamrHive went live.

GamrHive is the accumulation of a lot of work and effort to help build insights around game consumption. More than 1.2 billion people worldwide play games and that trend continues to grow. Even more watch gaming content on YouTube and Twitch. To top it off, gaming has gone competitive, with eSports competitions gaining a huge following, with massive online viewing events and sports arenas selling out in minutes.

My idea of GamrHive started in 2011 when I too was a game content creator. Having a big picture on gaming trends was always a need, but the market quite didn’t satisfy. That’s not to say there isn’t a lack of companies providing content creators data and analytic services, there just wasn’t a good one focused on gamers. Gaming is very cyclical and while game developers continue to march toward selling base games and extending game playability through DLC (Downloadable Content), game consumption data becomes even more important for content creators and game developers.

My mission for GamrHive is to quickly scale the service to include other data points and provide a clear picture on what games are driving media consumption through playtime, viewing and social interaction. That will require a lot of big data. As the year marches forward, I look forward to building this service and the many opportunities it will bring. Happy New Year and game on.

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