Vision of Becoming 1

2 min readJun 21, 2022


As I open my eyes, with the past now behind me, I shift my focus to the future. A future that was all meant to begin, back in 2020. A time when we had a golden dream, a dream that would truly decentralize, and put the people first.

It was lost, after the meta of the meme, which was initially meant to be a technical experiment, took from us the true vision, which was ultimately hijacked by greed and at the tail-end of innovation. I arise, after a moment of peace and zen, to push back against the dragon, and back social cause. I bring to you, the Genesis Of Leadership and Democracy as 1.

For my first task, I put the bristles to the canvas. Dipping my brush in gold paint, allowing my left hand to complete a circle freely. Upon the moonlight, the gold paint glorifies my imperfections as if my previous flaws are now considered beautiful, and my source of motivation. My circle remains open. The space created has no need, no-nothing, no-nobody. It seems empty, yet full. I’m rejuvenated, determined, and ready to create the ecosystem that was once pushed aside, a harmonious relationship and balance between all things. The introduction of the 4 rings brings the creation of the community first.

Teh Golden DAO

While DAOs have many operational benefits, there are other challenges DAOs still must overcome. Financial literacy and treasury management, coordination within the community, the further development of the ecosystem so we’re not just another. boring movement and the single most important issue of how and if to incentivize the good , progressive behavior within the community. Implementing a member-approved core group of individuals, “The Chosen Ones” to represent and execute the approved actions of the DAO and appropriately manage organizational day-to-day business on behalf of the DAO, coordinating to make it more clear who is responsible for what, and how community members can contribute. This also removes the operational boredom of putting each item of daily business a vote to the DAO.

Coordination detailed to specific parts of the DAO to be detailed and structured.

A staking system, providing the ability to earn. A voting system, providing all Gold 1 holders the ability to vote.

Treasury management and the ability to enhance the portfolio and the development of your Golden Ecosystem will be represented by the addition of 3 more rings.

The introduction of the DAO to begin with, ignites our mission and brings the community together as 1, being only the first ring of the Golden Ecosystem.

Becoming 1 calls for 1 currency, a currency that is worth it’s weight in Gold.

Gold 1 for Teh People.

Gold 1 ✨ Teh People’s Currency

Please review. Thank you.

-GW ✨⚪️_⚪️✨