12 Days of Gane

Sweeten your holiday spending.

It’s officially the season of giving, aka the season for shameless shopping. Gane is spreading the holiday cheer with exclusive offers (coupons, deals, box tops, vouchers… you get the idea) for 12 consecutive days. We will be selecting one venue per day and featuring these offers on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow 12 Days of Gane on our Snapchat: GanePay and Instagram stories to see current offers and for hints about where Gane might be going next.

Curious about how Gane makes your holiday shopping better? Glad you asked… offers apply automatically when you tap & pay with Gane. You can use Gane just like you would with Apple Pay and Android Pay since we work anywhere those payment methods are accepted.

All this being said… if you are into warm coffee, new sweaters, holiday cheer, and just straight pure bliss, tune in and collect.

New to Gane? Download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals!

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