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A comparison of Venmo, Square Cash and Gane

With the plethora of payment app options increasing daily (Gane being one of those apps), we were curious what young people had to say about the top payment apps. So we asked and put together this article.

Square Cash

Exchange money quickly, easily, and for free.

Square Cash

“Square is alright if you happen to be a small merchant, I say this because they’re really great for merchants. Their Square Cash app is nice because it allows you to tap and pay with the money that you’ve received from transfers with your friends, but other than that there isn’t much going on.

What Square really has going for them is how established they are in the payment industry due to their services they have for small merchants. You can bet when you walk into that bohemian, dim-lit coffee shop down the street later with your friends that the coffee shop is using Square. Square also lets you withdraw money onto a debit card / bank account in a few days.”


Send money, share offers, tap and pay.

Gane: See Collect Spend

“Gane is the newest on the market, you’ve probably seen hilarious debates on social media on whether it’s fraud or not (the speculation makes sense since they’re so new). But, they’ve been featured in 365 Things Austin, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and more. What’s cool about Gane is that they give you instant access to use money from transfers with friends via Apple Pay and Android tap and pay, like Square, or you can withdraw money to your bank account within a couple of days, like Venmo.”

“But, here’s the key differentiator, they have offers in their app that apply automatically when you tap and pay with their app. This makes it super easy to save money on every day purchases without having to even think about it. For example, you’re heading to Starbucks and scroll through the Gane app Discover feed and see a Starbucks offer for $2 off, so you collect the offer. All you have to do to save that $2 is tap and pay with Gane via Apple Pay at the Starbucks register and the offer is applied automatically.”


Send money and make purchases.

Venmo: Pony Up

“Venmo is probably the most well known peer-to-peer money transfer app among your friends, which is truly one of their best qualities. They’re pretty reliable and have great emojis. Venmo also has the really nice option for public vs private payments. Their public feed of transfers can be pretty entertaining to scroll through after you’ve made a payment.

When it comes down to it, Venmo is a great option if you’re trying to make someone jealous due to their public feed of transactions. Pay someone back with a winking face as the description and you’ll have everyone curious. Any way, Venmo lets you withdraw money from transfers to a linked debit card and the money shows up in your bank account within a couple of days. This is nice for avoiding having to go the bank and such. They’ve also recently started integrating with apps to make in-app purchases.”

As you can see this isn’t an exact science, but it does offer a brief highlight of the top payment apps. In sum, Venmo seems to be the best option for a social experience. Gane and Square Cash are the best options for having instant access to money. Square Cash offers the most simple experience, while Gane incorporates saving money into the mix.

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