The Small Weight Gain Problem
Emma Lindsay

This is a great piece. The idea of a weight gain trend is the true problem. Attacking this sooner rather than later is what is needed.

The problem with scales is that they give a huge sense of recency bias. If you are down a few pounds by simple weight variation, you will pat yourself on the back and might let up on your good work. Even if you are generally losing weight, it is easy to see only the most recent number come up on the scale and get discouraged because it isn’t down from yesterday.

As a geek trying to lose weight, I looked to technology to help attack this problem. I picked up a Fitbit Aria scale that automatically records your weight and logs it in your Fitbit account. Then you can examine your weight trend over a much longer period of time (months or years). I weigh myself every morning but try not to compare this to whatever number I *might* remember from yesterday. Instead, I have a much larger dataset I can look at.

If things are going in the wrong direction I find the graphs of my weight helpful in keeping me honest. When I was really focusing heavily on losing weight and starting to gain some momentum in the right direction, it was a huge morale boost to see that graph trending where I wanted it to go. I didn’t have to worry about the day-to-day fluctuations because I could remind myself of the progress I achieved thus far.

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