This is Not a Think Piece. I am Not a Thought Leader.

This is just a note to say I’m going to start posting occasional thoughts, observations and ideas here semi-regularly. Kind of like a blog.

I’ve been writing little notes all year because I find that I gain a better understanding of my own thoughts when I write them down. Also I hope that by writing more my writing will improve.

But, I’ve never published any of them. In fact, I’ve never really published much writing online at all beyond the occasional off-the-cuff comment response/rant.

In the face of that, suddenly starting to post structured ‘articles’ to Medium, on the kinds of themes and topics I’ve been writing to myself about, felt too much like ‘think pieces’. It felt as though I was trying to assert myself as some kind of design ‘thought leader’. So I never posted them.

If it’s not clear (I’ve still got room for improvement in my writing), I used quotes on those terms because I absolutely despise them.

I’m not a ‘thought leader’. I’m not trying to lead anyone’s thoughts, I just want to participate in the conversation.

The ideal outcome for me would be having anyone take the time to respond. To challenge my perspective or educate me when I am wrong. To point me in better directions if I’m close. To maybe even give me some validation if I’m on the right track.

And while most of the writing I’ll put here is literally me trying to put my thinking into words, they’ll be more like ‘thought bubbles’ than ‘think pieces’.

They may not be fully formed. They’ll probably be pretty easy to poke holes in. But hopefully they allow me to participate in some bigger conversations.