Jai, I’m beyond humbled that you have taken the time and effort to write such a passionate and well…
Serge Stefanovic

Thanks for responding, and again, apologies if it came across a little harsh.

I wanna repeat. Your work ethic and your process shown in your article is nothing short of commendable, but I felt it was worth pointing out some of the issues I saw.

As I think I mentioned in a footnote, I’d already written this and asked a couple of people for feedback on whether it was a bad idea to post it before I realised it wasn’t new, and that you’d written it back in January.

The longer it’s sat here and I’ve thought about it since, the more I’ve been feeling a little remorse for posting it.

Nine months is a long time in this industry, and so it felt unfair pulling you up on things you said back when you were fresh out of Tractor, when you’ve surely gained a boatload of experience and perspective since.

I know I’ve probably written and said some things in the past that could be torn to shreds now, and it would suck having that dredged up. So apologies for doing that to you.

Thanks for taking it so well. I’ll look forward to reading about other design problems you’ve taken on and approached with such determination in the future.



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