Building a powerhouse, successful website involves juggling numerous thoughts and demands simultaneously. Your domain name is somewhere in all that. However, it really should be at the forefront of whatever you are trying to achieve. We don’t always give domain names the credit they deserve, but they really do help your website to be successful.

Think of choosing your domain name as choosing your company name. In a lot of ways, both have to accomplish the same thing. They have to be SEO friendly. They have to be brand-able. You certainly want something that will prove to be memorable.

And yeah, if you can manage to create something that is trendy, as well, that wouldn’t hurt either.

Tips For Picking A Domain name

Let’s talk about some of the things you can keep in mind, when it comes to choosing your domain name:

  1. Make it brand-able. When people say your domain name, how does it sound? Does it sound like a brand? Does it sound something plain or generic? Numbers and hyphens are best avoided whenever possible. You should also try to stay away from anything that sounds a little too close to what someone else is doing.
  2. Make it memorable. If you tell someone your domain name, are they going to remember it in an hour? Are they going to be able to recall it to their friends? These are driving questions to consider, as you work to create your domain name. It needs to evoke what you are all about, or it at least has to sound so unique, it gives someone pause. That second possibility is tricky, so it might be a better idea to stick with what you associate with your brand.
  3. It has to be SEO friendly. Search engine optimization isn’t just for the content on your site. It can be utilized in a variety of crucial fashions. And yes, that includes your domain name.
  4. Make it trendy. While we definitely believe that you should be careful to not borrow from competitors too closely, we also think there is something to be said for being associated in a positive way with a trend. If your website is indeed capitalizing on a trend, then you are going to want to consider that in the creation of the domain name.

These are just four simple things that you should keep in mind, in the creation of a domain name. Optimize your brand through all of this.

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