Episode #6: A Full Tank of McGillicuddy’s

To celebrate what has become a truly dad summer — grilling, shopping real estate, sitting down — we put together a mix of dad rock songs we think covers a good swath of the father spectrum. Brian brings us back to the 60s, when he first took acid. Likely our strongest playlist yet, we tried just a bit harder to compliment it with real information — not too much, though. Don’t worry.

Click here for direct stream.

Neil’s song not featured because he’s blinded by the pono and has nothing on Spotify — a 21st century digital music service that, unlike pono, has reach. Jeesh Neil, get over yourself.

Special thanks to my uncle Tim Shaner, who runs the artistic end of Night and Day Design, a graphic design studio he runs out of his New York loft. File under: relatives I will never be as cool as.

He put together this awesome logo for us.

With the logo, we hope to get this on podcast apps soon, look out!

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