This page is intended to be our podcast’s material form. All parasites need a host body and this pseudo-radio show is no different. Remember the movie “Tremors”? It’s nothing like that. Think Sauron — we lurked ethereal in Mirkwood before conjoining with our tower ( to cast a panoptic eye of Foucaldian surveillance over an ever expanding kingdom — looking for hope represented by light and squandering it — ringing it out like a grease-soaked rag waiting to be thrown in the Great Garbage Can of Human Desires.

Listen, we like to listen to music, we like to talk. I like to write. Here we are. We’re out here, as they say. My name is Bill, my partner’s is Josh. Stay tuned.

This is the space in which we make the magic happen. That’s right — The Garage. Milford, MA. Beautiful concrete glory. Weed soaked. No Girls Allowed. No, Girls Allowed. Very Allowed. Please.