The Top 10 Reasons I’m Quitting Freelancing
Nolan Nasser

Thank you for sharing your experience Nolan! I feel it’s a very interesting piece of reflexion — especially as many of the negative aspects you’re highlighting are (to me at least!) counter-intuitive. For instance, the general idea that freelancing allows you to travel; or that it allows you to balance your time healthily among all aspects of your life. Overall, I think I envision freelancing very much the way you used to think about it: the ultimate job. Your experience sounds to me like a reminder of how reality actually works. So what are your plans for your next moves? (apart from well-deserved vacations! :)) As I have just quitted my full-time job to start freelance work, I may re-think about it now! Thanks again for the story, and all the best wishes of success for this exciting new turn :)

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