Who Should You Call When You Need Junk Removal?

Junk removal and the free market have just collided…

Help! My garage is overflowing with junk.

Junk, old toys and other debris has been piling up for some time and you’ve quickly realized your 2 car garage has just became a 1 car garage.

What junk removal company should I Call?

Go ahead search junk removal on Google. You’re going to get hundreds of junk removal companies near you. Everyone is claiming to be the cheapest, the best or even a few claiming to offer FREE junk removal.

There can be only one.

Rather than wasting time calling every junk removal service in the city. A new free market driven option for junk removal and dumpster rental is only a click away. Check out https://GarbageMarket.com and instantly get access to all the junk removal haulers near you.

What is Garbage Market?

Garbage Market is a website where customers can fill out a simple junk removal request form online which is then automatically sent to multiple junk removal haulers near you. This is where the magic happens.

  • Hauler A bids $220
  • Hauler B bids $200
  • Hauler C bids $165
  • Hauler D bids $250

All of these bids are sent to your very own personal bid page where you are able to interact with the hauler and choose a junk removal company if the price fits your budget. So go ahead and visit Garbage Market today and post your junk removal project to find out how much you can save. Available in and around most major cities in the United States now.