Manifesto for a Media Revolution
Nafeez Ahmed

No longer cogs in a machine, but an organic, collective voice.

I like the idea of a collective news outlet, and the creation of new ways of telling and reading stories about real lives, real scenarios, and not a sanitised, corporate version of humanity. We are more complex that that, and we deserve to be treated like the critical thinkers we are.

However if it is to be truly participatory, a manifesto for such a thing needs to be created collectively, by those taking part and by those who will read and engage with it. We have to get together, either in person or online, to create a rough framework for this new paradigm, rather than working from something only one person has created. We have to be able to see it as a work in progress, and allow it to grow organically as we find our way. It might take a little longer, but it is the only way to truly and democratically present truth, justice and beauty, untainted by personal agendas and projections.

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