if you had any idea how many times I’ve been told something like “You are perfect and deserve someone who can feel abo
I understand and do respect your view on this, but to be honest, I’m never going to find someone as…
Heath Houston

Ahhh, Heath Houston, I did not make my point clear. Those words would never come from me. You see I don’t disagree with you. I was only sharing my experience from when I broke up with someone who loved me perhaps as dearly as you loved your love. Perhaps. In any case, I’ve heard those quoted words myself from people. My situation was different, but I hated hearing them just the same. Going back to my original point though — my point was I knew I didn’t love him the way he loved me and that meant our relationship was not enough for me.

I wanted to feel about him the way that he felt about me.

I knew I didn’t. He made me realize I didn’t. You know that predicament that people bring up, “there’s always one person in the relationship who’s more in love than the other, would you rather be the person whose more in love or the one who is loved more?” I’d rather be the one who loves more. I wasn’t. He made me realize what I didn’t feel and that sucked. I was envious of what he felt. Should it be enough? To be loved like that…should it be enough? Maybe. For some, for many, it is.

So, you see, I wasn’t giving you the pat on the shoulder to tell you to buck up because blah, blah, blah. I was sharing with you why I walked away from a man who loved me with everything he had. Yes, I hoped he’d find a love like that again. Yes, I hope you do as well because those feelings — those feelings are just so incredible. What a gift to feel them. What a curse. I’d take it though. I’d so take it.

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