ImmortalDAO to Launch it’s 50,50 Prediction Game on Entropyfi’s ZeroRisk Protocol

Earn extra rebases from predicting $IMMO price actions. Entropyfi offers various gamified yield opportunities and currently trots out more than 10 prediction games where users can amplify their yield using their skills. The Entropyfi (50,50) game we all love offers both Soft Hedge and Soft Leverage, designed specifically for rebase token holders to better manage their (3,3) risk and rewards, a novel market prediction game in which you can completely predict the upside and downside outcome of your rebase tokens.

Entropyfi (50,50)

You may foresee a negative price action, but are you afraid of the unanticipated drawback you have to consume if the market goes the other way? Use a soft hedge to temporarily risk-off your position while maintaining your holdings to capture the upside. You may want to (9,9) but the liquidation risk is keeping you up at night. Don’t lose your sleep. Use our soft leverage to boost your rebase reward on top of the price appreciation.

ImmortalDAO, the first decentralized reserve currency protocol on the Celo blockchain based on the $IMMO token, will launch its (50,50) prediction game on entropyFi.

Immortals when the game launches , you can put your $IMMO to work and earn double rebases. Play the (50,50), choose a cope-free hedge or rekt-free leverage, and enjoy the increased APY if you win the game!

How do I participate?

— Firstly, you have to stake your $IMMO on

— Your staked $IMMO will automatically appear on the ImmortalDAO page on the entropyfi website.

— Now you can click deposit and predict $IMMO’s price to double your rebase.

Entropify $IMMO(50,50)

About Entropyfi

Entropyfi is building a hyper-competitive platform offering creative DeFi derivative products. Current listed products include:

Soft-Hedge & Soft-Leverage for rebase tokens

Zero Loss Price Predictions:

Entropyfi’s vision is to build the next generation of DeFi derivatives that maximize capital efficiency. The latest soft-hedge and soft-leverage enable rebase token stakers to capitalize on short-term price movement without liquidation risks. Entropyfi is working closely with rebase token pioneers, including OlympusDAO, Redacted Cartel, and VESQ. Entropyfi also received grants from AAVE DAO, Oasis Network, and Polygon.

More details about soft hedge/leverage:

To learn more about Entropyfi its products and features you can follow the links found HERE






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