One Day

One Day

Imagine that you are given one more day.

Only one more day. One last chance.

To show her your love.

To let her know

That you are thankful

To have had her in your life.

To let her know

That you know

That much of the hard work she did,

She did before you could understand,

Before you could remember,

Before you could appreciate —

The sleepless nights, the holding, the feeding,

The cleaning,

The worrying —

All before your first smile.

But then your smiles came.

The memories came.

Much of who you are came.

Because of her.

She was your first teacher. Your cheerleader. Your supporter.

Your defender.

She was your everything.

And there was never a moment when your welfare

Was not foremost in her mind.

This is not to say that she didn’t make mistakes.

She did. We all do.

She stands high not for lack of mistakes,

But for her countless efforts

From your very beginning to now.

She is your mother.

Imagine, then. One day left.

It is one gift that you should open for both of you.


Gareth Caldbeck