For the second day of BUIDL Week leading up to the EthDenver conference, myself Colin and Andy went to a Zeppelin OS workshop on upgradeable smart contracts.

Once a contract is published onto the ethereum blockchain it is immutable and cannot be edited. It is not very common in software…

This week I’m in Denver, Colorado with some friends to take part in the EthDenver conference 2019. So far we’ve been to 2 workshops and one presentation.

The first workshop was in the morning and was hosted by Chainshot, using their very own classroom software. The workshop was about MerkleTrees…

After unfortunately missing out on a colleague’s presentation on “Terraforming Azure”, I decided to spend the day looking into terraform and how it works. I’ve used Vagrant before and quite like HashiCorp and their products so thought it was about time I had a little play around.

Terraform is a…

This post is the first in a series of posts where I share my experience writing a simple Dapp using Drizzle and Svelte.

Whilst working at EdgeFund I wanted to explore the possibility of creating a Dapp using Truffle Suite’s new collection of libraries called Drizzle.

The easiest way to…

Code metrics

It’s no secret that continuous integration and continuous deployment is an important part of the application development process. Integrating testing into this workflow is also an important part, to protect against any unwanted regression when developing new features or refactoring existing code.

Having all of your unit tests go green…

Gareth Oates

Professional software engineer of 10 years. C#, JavaScript and Solidity developer. Co-Founder and senior developer at EdgeFund

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