My comments re Ideas Help No One on a Shelf. Take Them to the World. A brilliant piece by Tina Rosenberg on NYTimes Opinionator.

A brilliant piece by Tina Rosenberg on NYTimes Opinionator:

My comments below (first try of using Medium) & on NYTimes website:

Well said Tina. 
Distribution of rubbish solution is also dangerous. Give people a well that they don’t use or give solution to Diarrhea but not fixing the cause is also not good.

Our world is so connected & challenges we individually faced with are already overwhelming, reading this article or this comment of mine is already a lot for most, let alone investing time & effort to understand & ‘truly’ fix anything (esp those on our personal To-Do list).

We need therefore something stupid simple for EVERYONE to take part, I suggest people use 20% of their own leisure time to #SelfChallenge to do anything (ideally not stupid running on the spot or marathon watching kardashian’s behind).

The more important you are, take on a bigger challenge (especially if you have influence, wealth, or followings), and coordinate with others, or challenge your peers to do more, please don’t just donate to charity.. unless the charity’s aim is to make itself redundant with a definite time-frame (10/20years?).

What we need is a call to action that will lead key people towards the right direction, in 2016, maybe it is time to adopt #FixTheWorld instead of non directional ChangeTheWorld which sadly has not fixed much so far?

I would recommend watching the video about philanthropy by 3 Buffetts on my blog post on LinkedIn: Tomorrowland Today.Must take opportunity to #Activate & #FixTheWorld !

My 2013 Short blog re challenge between Billionaires!

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