DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Part 2… The Human Revolution

Digital Transformation is much more than a technology revolution. It is probably the most radical socioeconomic revolution of our times, as a consequence of the transcendence of social networks the new and challenging world of digitalisation will transform our basic assumptions of the human experience.

This human phenomenon of Digital Transformation is less about the technology itself and more about how we as humans adapt and better understand the dynamics of modern day organisational networks. Looking through the lenses of the Viable Systems Model (VSM), within our 21st Century organisations it’s less about ‘who reports to who’ and more about who talks to who’. This statement reinforces the human need to better understand the ‘non-technical’ benefits of Digital Transformation and how it could enrich our working lives through improving our: (1) productivity (2) health & & well-being (3) performance (4) relationships and (5) professional development.

I have experienced much success in many businesses where through having a better understanding and appreciation of the human component of Digital Transformation has increased my ability to succeed and also how I help others to increase their chances of making a success of any current or future Digital Transformation programme.

So next time you embark on a digital journey ask yourself this simple question: “How can I help the organisation to succeed?”

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