HOME LOANS: The Peer to Peer Blockchain Based Real estate Lending Ecosystem

Earth is our home. We have lived here for centuries. Born and died through ages of time. In a life, owning a home is considered one of the lifelong dream for many people. Having a house in which you can spend a life is one of the many goals of life. People in some countries spend their life in the pursuit of this goal. Mortgage Loan is one of the most prominent answers for people who wish to own a house. It works fine for those who have good credit history while creating problems for those having a bad credit history. There are many reasons for the bad credit, such missing payments in the last loan, or not able to repay your last loan etc. Many things can happen during this period which is out of your control, and that can lead to a bad credit score.

People have nowhere to go and find a solution. It works almost same with most of the banks in the world. Their centralized system is not transparent which creates rooms for intermediaries to take advantage of the situation. People are being manipulated by these intermediaries or agents who claim for easy passage of the home loans but with the high amount of commission attached. This has become a standard entity where banks and Loan agents share the commission from passing a home loan even if the credit score is healthy. The rigged chain of home loan has brought insurmountable problems for the home buyer who are being forced to pay exorbitant prices for owning a home.

This situation becomes worse in countries where law and order are poor. Making people suffer due to the inefficiency of banks and authority will change, as soon as we introduce an innovative solution to this age-old problem. Creating a platform where people can easily find home loans without any hassles and delays is the need of the hour.


HOME LOANS is creating a financial platform of peer to peer lending on the ethereum Blockchain, where people can buy real estate or lend money to buyers. The HLCoins are the central piece of the platform by which payment and transaction take place on the HOMELOANS Platform.Anyone can participate on the platform, either as an investor or as a buyer who wishes to take loans.

The credit score and verification tools identify the creditworthiness of people applying for loans. Loyalty points systems exist for users of the platform while cashback schemes in the form of HL cryptocurrency. HOME LOANS has identified the future roadmap for the platform. It will utilise the data collected on its platform to provide better facilities to its customers.

ICO Information & Team

To allow people to make a contribution to the development of the platform they are issuing HL tokens to the public. A total of 150,000,000 HL tokens are available for public sale. 85% of tokens will be distributed to the investors. One HLC token is equal to one dollar. Bonus exists for early investors.

The funds collected will be utilised for the development and promotions of the platform. Their main objective is to have more people participating in the process. The team consists of experts from the real estate and technology. They are determined to create a sustainable solution to the problem.


The primary objective of the platform is to provide secure and transparent service, where anyone from any part of the world has an equal opportunity of getting a home loan. The international real estate community can find itself in a stable future of Real estate business once they move to HOMELOANS platform. The entire ecosystem of investors, lenders, insurance companies and buyers will be immensely benefitted from the application of HOMELOANS platform.

To know more visit:

Website : http://home-loans.io/

Whitepaper : http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf

My Btalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=997494

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